Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Do you think Attorney General William Barr is familiar with the content of the first amendment of the constitution? I'm wondering upon discovery that the Trump-appointed Postmaster General of the United States doesn't know how much it costs to mail a post card. I'm not surprised given that the President thinks Trinidad and Tobago are two different countries, that Thailand is pronounced Thighland, and Yosemite is pronounced Yozamight. Exactly who is it that drinks Trump's brand of Kool-aid?

I have on old friend I've mentioned here who is likely to be the least intelligent friend I've ever had. He does not know the difference among too, to or two. Nor they're, there, or their. He also speaks with a cascade of you knows and ums. Guess who he's voting for. 

I can't help but think that the coming election constitutes and IQ test for the American electorate. Does the country actually have that many stupid people that Trump will be elected again (although he wasn't the first time according to the popular vote)? I know one person of any intellect who voted for Trump. One! How many idiots does it take to fuck up a country? About 48% is what it looks like.

Look! I'm a convicted felon who didn't pay his taxes and paid the price. But I know in my heart I'm nowhere near the criminal that Donald Trump is. In a perfect world, he goes to prison after getting voted out of office. 

On to my old celly Paul Manafort. Do you believe this guy? He actually told me emphatically that there was no collusion with the Russians. Mind you, I knew he was full of shit when he said it. But still...talk about a bald face liar given recent revleations! 

Ya know...a lot of people think that Jeffrey Epstein was an awful guy. But I'll say one thing for Epstein versus Manafort. Jeffrey did not condescend to or use fellow inmates. If you didn't know about his riches and connections beforehand, there was nothing in his demeanor that would give away his elevated position in influential society.

Manafort on the other hand, had an uppity attitude. He was better than everyone else. And he loved sycophants. In fact, he used them to his advantage and to bolster his ego. Anybody who'd kiss Paulie's ass he had time for. 

When you're in prison, you don't always judge guys for their crime. I know I didn't. I figured we were all criminals. Who's to say one guy's offense was more heinous than another's. I judged people as if I'd met them in the real world. Jeffrey was friendly and humble. Manafort wanted to know what he could get from people. 

And those are my thoughts for today. 

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