Sunday, August 23, 2020


We all know about genetics - and how they in great part, determine who we are. Take my maternal grandmother for example. She had to be the cheapest person on earth. I'm a close second. But this post isn't about being cheap - necessarily. 

I went into my medicine cabinet this morning to fetch a band aid, whereupon half the contents spilled out. Clearly, I'd stuffed too much crap in there and needed to either discard some of the contents or move it to a different location. 

Within the clutter, I found a little bottle of Vicks Vapo Rub. Now I don't use Vicks Vapo Rub ever. I imagine at some point I bought the bottle in a futile attempt to clear some chest congestion, based on an early childhood memory in which grandma rubbed some Musterole (more or less the same salve) on my chest when I had a cold. 

At that time, the ointment didn't have much of an effect. And I convinced grandma to buy a new bottle which it turned out, was extremely strong and overwhelming. Upon checking the two bottles, I came to discover that the old one bragged that it had been clearing chests for 35 years. And the new one said 50 years! My brother and I went into guffaws of laughter at grandma keeping that shitty little bottle for longer than we'd been alive.

Back to my bottle of Vicks. Remembering way back, I gave the bottle a sniff test...and it still smelled potent. Then I checked the expiration date. And that's when I thought of grandma. The bottle had expired 22 years ago! "I think I can toss this now," I mused to myself. Or maybe I could sell it on eBay! Ha ha! 

It's in the waste basket now - along with a clearly used disposable shaver dating back from before I went to prison. I don't think I need that either. Otherwise, I pretty much kept everything else - though I'm certain that a lot of my medicine cabinet is past its expiration date. Grandma lives on apparently. 

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  1. I think most people might make fun of you for that sort of stuff but to be fair and in your defense that Vicks would probably still be good!