Saturday, August 29, 2020


Now that the conventions (the political ones) are over, I might as well weigh in with my opinion on those pitiful showcases of democracy in action. I've never heard so much name-calling and bull shit in my life. Fortunately, I didn't watch a whole lot of either one (just enough to be nauseated) because I know what they are: attacks on the other party's candidates and programs. Who cares? And who knows what's really going to work for the country and what isn't?

Here's what I know for sure: Donald Trump is a repulsive narcissist who's only out for himself. He's a gross criminal who I want to see imprisoned because prison is where he belongs at long last. Joe Biden is a bore. All those "Come on, man's?" He's not hip. He's not cool. And he has zero charisma. The democrats couldn't come up with a better candidate than Joe Biden? 

Yes they could have. But rather than have her become the president, she's running for the vice presidency. I know all my black inmate brothers dislike her. They say she throws people in jail just to get her WAP even wetter. But I like the way she talks. She's a fucking steamroller with an acid tongue. And she makes sense - especially when she talks about Trump. 

Now the following is going to surprise you: I did listen to Ivanka's speech. And it made chills run down my spine. The woman is gorgeous, articulate and composed. Yes, she's spouting complete horse shit - but it's coming out like maple syrup. Ivanka wants to become president one day. And I have the awful feeling she'll be running in eight or twelve years. Given that her father somehow managed to win the presidency (though not the popular vote), she just might as well. 

Granted, Ivanka's easier on the eyes than her daddy. But she has his genes. And that's scary because Donald Trump is evil. And genetics being what they are, I don't trust her. 

In just over two months, my federal grinder will be over. I'll be off probation and free to go anywhere in the world I want save Canada and England (they don't allow US felons entrance). November 8th will be the beginning of my golden years for real. As I bag rolls, sweep floors, restock shelves and hand out food to those who've fallen through the cracks of society as part of a job I don't really need or want at this point, I consider my options. And becoming an expat is one of them. 

After what I've been through with the Fed and State, I don't have a lot of love for the USA. And the prospect of Trump and even Biden for the next four years is not helping the situation. At the end of his career, Merle Haggard wrote a hit song titled "Are the Good Times Really Over For Good?" It wouldn't surprise me if they are.

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  1. I think Ivanka is talking up a good game because with all the shit that is going on with daddy's presidency and how old he is he won't be around long enough to pay for his crimes but she will be along with her husband who I think should be charged with negligent homicide for every COVID death for intentionally railroading a national pandemic plan for political gain.

    On an unrelated note did you see that Ron Jeremy is going to prison for sex charges including fucking a minor?