Friday, August 14, 2020


By rights, I shouldn't like KAMALA HARRIS. She locked up a friend of mine in a shitty county jail and called him a pimp. Two weeks later, a judge freed Carl, not convinced that the charges were warranted. 

Carl was first and foremost a businessman. Backpage was his baby. He wanted to be the new Craigslist, and hoped to generate a fortune with help wanted and real estate ads as Craig had. It just didn't happen. And Carl was left with a division of flatbackers to float his financial boat. I met with Carl on two occasions (he was from Phoenix and I'm in New York) but talked with him one on one about as much as I did Jeffrey Epstein. Carl was no criminal. Like me, he saw an opportunity in a penumbral business and seized it. Poor decision for both of us.

Back to Kamala. Despite her almost rabid prosecution of my friend, I can't help but like her. She talks sense. And she's clearly intelligent, driven and no-nonsense. The way she put Justice Kavanaugh in his place during the senate confirmation hearings was electrifying. Were she to become President, I really don't picture her kissing Putin's ass. I'm confident she'd give him a good spanking - and force Vladdy to return Robert Kraft's Superbowl ring for good measure. (Putin famously pocketed the New England Patriots owner's ring after Kraft removed it from his finger to show it to Putin who refused to give it back.)

Then there's her mixed race background. America needs an Afro-Asian female politician to excel. And Biden was right in his thinking. She's the best candidate for the job. When Kamal Harris speaks, she inspires. When Trump speaks, he nauseates. She wants what's best for the country. He wants what's best for him. What could be more transparent? 

Truthfully, I'm not a huge Joe Biden fan. I figure the democrats could have come up with a better candidate for 2020. But with Harris as his backup, I feel much more confident in his candidacy. If he has the good sense to choose her as his partner, he'll pick equally competent cabinet members as well. The country won't be in the hands of a megalomaniac. 

Partisanship aside, the issues matter less to me than the character of the people who run the country. Harris impresses me. Trump and Pence depress me. A supreme narcissist at the helm. And a religious fanatic who believes in conversion therapy for gays? Really?


  1. It’s amazing that you are loyal to the people who put you away.

    1. I can feel some of Bill's ideology. We can look at this country and see how shit it is but at the same time we can do that because we have the privilege to do that because there aren't other things that are fucking us over. One of the headlines from Brazil today was that one of their major supermarkets had an employee die while working and all they did was put umbrellas over him so they didn't have to close the store. The US does a lot of things wrong and there are a lot of things it can do better but we are in a position to be able to examine those things and hopefully we will continue to be so long as people don't re elect the fascist.

  2. Kamala Harris did not put me away - though I'm not sure had she been a federal or NY State DA, she'd have passed on the opportunity. But I will tell you this: Before my prosecution, I referred to the United States of America as "we." I now refer to the United States of America as the United States of America. I'm not proud of this country. I'm embarrassed by it - and embarrassed by its choice of presidents (though Hillary was actually their choice).