Friday, July 3, 2020


The New York State initiative which essentially sealed my fate and sent me to prison for almost a year, was an amazingly expensive, fruitless, botched and hypocritical pursuit. Allow me to elaborate on each adjective in order.

The number of man hours the State dedicated to busting a whorehouse which coerced nobody into anything was insane. Just for example, the discovery packet was so huge, it had to be put on a 32 gig flash drive. There were thousands of photos and screen shots. Endless search warrants from phone number, email accounts and 5 residences (not mine). The State's take from what must have cost it 500k was a mere $40k. That's all they found in cash in all five places they searched. The taxpayer took a serious hit in New York State v. Moya et al. 

Exactly what did New York State accomplish? Pretty much nothing. The one organization became two houses days later when the phone girls (who mysteriously went unprosecuted) simply took the phones, rented an air bnb (or used his personal apartment in the second case), and reopened. Just a simple rearrangement. The girls who booked the dates and the women who did the actual cocksucking were not arrested. Essentially, the nuts and bolts of a business were left alone by the law. 

So who did they get? Arrested were two of the three owners (one was left alone), two house managers who simply kept the peace, the boyfriend of the main owner, the Backpage poster, and the house photographer (me). 

The only thing they accomplished was putting Julie, the chief madam, and me behind bars. I know they'd been clocking me for 10 years because of my blog and various informants. But I simply made money from selling advertising and never profit-shared or employed anybody. I was an advertising agency and first amendment-protected blogger. And they knew it. Didn't matter. 

Now to the hypocrisy and the guy who jammed me up. His name is Eric Schneiderman. He was the New York State district attorney under whose direction the State pursued this initiative. Schneiderman had to resign his position after being outed for allegedly a) smacking around no fewer than 4 ex-girlfriends - some during sex...b) calling an Indian girlfriend his brown slave as he fucked her...and c) asking another girlfriend to fill her Adderol prescription and give him half. This is the fucking guy who had the temerity to judge me for taking pictures of whores and accepting payment in sessions rather than cash. (Yes. You heard that right. I made zero dollars from the conspiracy with which I supposedly "profited" from the sale of sex.)

Two years later, I took a look at a leading escort forum and found that half the ads in the "provider" section were for girls who used to work at Julie's. So tell me again what the State accomplished. All the same whores are still sucking dick for a living. Amazing. 

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