Saturday, September 19, 2020


No, I never actually drove a truck (I don't have the license and wouldn't even know how) but there was one point in my life when I found myself wondering whether I was a truck driver or musician.

The occasion for this narrative dates back many years to when I was a "Starlighter" accompanying Joey Dee, a 60's phenomenon who capitalized on the twist craze with a hit tune titled "The Peppermint Twist." The record rated #11 for 1961 on the Billboard year end pop chart...and combined with "Shout" (a lesser hit as a follow up), Joe was poised to work the oldies circuit for the rest of his life! And for six months (until I quit), I got caught up in the madness.

Thursday, September 10, 2020


More than a year has passed since my concurrent friendships with Paul Manafort and Jeffrey Epstein were cultivated at MCC federal prison where I served 311 days for tax fraud and surreally found myself with Paulie as my celly, and Jeffrey as a suicidal inmate I watched and spent hours of one on one time part in parcel of my position as inmate companion coordinator. Notwithstanding the passage of time, both continue to be front and center in today's news.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Unlike most of America who I assume reveled in their paid day off, I did not party on Labor Day. Volunteering at the Meatloaf Kitchen Saturday and taking a long bike ride on Sunday was enough activity for me. I spent most of Monday binge-watching a Vice channel marathon on "The Clinton Affair," and reading a book on the same subject I found in the laundry room of my building recently while washing my clothes.

Sunday, September 6, 2020


Just over a year ago while I was lying in my bunk at MCC federal prison, I asked my celly Paul Manafort if there was any collusion with the Russians. Generally, I didn't get political with Paulie as I figured a) the last thing he wanted to do was talk politics with an inmate and b) I didn't want to start a feud with a felon with whom I shared 70 square feet.

Saturday, September 5, 2020


After pleading to tax fraud and promotion of prostitution (the second charge was questionable while the first was undeniable), and going to prison for a year, I find a hole in my life left without all the associations and friendships of practitioners in the escort industry I used to enjoy (or suffer depending on the day).Whether or not that's a good thing is irrelevant to the following.