Monday, February 10, 2020


I have actually written over 50,000 words and am nearing the end of my prison book. Now comes the hard part: Finding an agent and/or publisher who gives a shit about me and my opus. I hesitate to publish the entire book on this blog for obvious reasons. But in the interest of giving my very few readers (at least here on this platform) something new, I offer the following as relevant material to not just the book - but the old Psycho Roundup blog which in part, landed me in the hoosgaw. 

When I was in the escort business, people would more than occasionally ask me where the authorities housed transsexual hookers when they got busted for selling ass. I wasn’t entirely sure of the answer at the time. But I can now tell you where they go in the federal system, because one of the first inmates I met upon entering MCC was a she male.

Friday, February 7, 2020


In many of the BOP's facilities, it's my understanding that inmate/officer interaction is cold and adversarial. But in recent years, cooler heads have prevailed and a "give respect get respect" policy has been implemented to cut down on the mutual enmity that naturally comes from officers bullying inmates. I'm happy to report that the new ethos was in full effect where I served my year. At MCC, there was barely an officer who didn't subscribe to give respect/get respect.

Saturday, February 1, 2020


For years before I shipped out to prison, my apartment had a major roach problem which I simply could not rectify. And it wasn't because I didn't try. From the moment the Feds came to my door, I sweated whether I'd be able to sublet an infested apartment. As a subletter, I know I'd be grossed out taking over a joint with critters.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about. As the lowest-paying tenant in the building, the landlord stood in the way of me subletting legally in a vain attempt to "ease" me out. I even considered entertaining a buyout offer - what with the going price north of 50 k. But after a brief moment, I decided against that. Coming out of prison to nowhere would be a bad idea.