Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Unlike most of America who I assume reveled in their paid day off, I did not party on Labor Day. Volunteering at the Meatloaf Kitchen Saturday and taking a long bike ride on Sunday was enough activity for me. I spent most of Monday binge-watching a Vice channel marathon on "The Clinton Affair," and reading a book on the same subject I found in the laundry room of my building recently while washing my clothes.

It's been over 20 years since all the gossip about Bill Clinton's affairs. And in that time, I'd almost forgotten about what a complete scum bag he was with women. He actually rivaled Donald Trump in that pursuit. When Trump himself was outed for his infamous "grab 'em by the pussy" statement, the now-president offered that his rhetoric was nowhere near as egregious as Bill Clinton's. And ya know what? That's the one time I actually believe Donald Trump. That might have been the last true thing that has ever come out of that guy's mouth.

I remind and/or recall Jeffrey Epstein's anecdote told to me while I suicide-watched him just over a year ago. He quoted Bill Clinton as saying "that woman makes my dick harder than Chinese arithmetic" upon seeing a beautiful lady walking down the street in China. Again, I wouldn't bet two cents that that statement was a lie.

So why do most Americans with a brain respect Bill Clinton while detesting Donald Trump when clearly, they are both mashers in the first degree? I have the answer. The former is intelligent and knows how to govern. The latter? Not ready for prime time on either count. The question is...are the majority of Americans stupid or smart? Do we get four more years of a near dictator...or Howdy Doody (Joe Biden)? 

I did a little research on the internet yesterday and came to discover that for whatever reason, I am not registered to vote. (I have my suspicions.) I believe that ex-felons can still vote, but knowing the bureaucracy as I do, I figure it would take a lot of phone calls and time to get myself reinstated. So what do you think I'm gonna do? Good guess. America can prove itself hopelessly clueless or at least informed enough to understand what a horrible person and leader Donald Trump truly is without my two cents. There's absolutely no chance Trump will win New York. To quote Andrew Cuomo..."the people who know Donald Trump the best like him the least." New Yorkers know him the best.

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  1. I think every state has their own laws in place that determines whether an ex-felon can vote (for example, in Maine or Vermont, even while incarcerated you do not lose the right to vote as a felon). In New York, you regain the right after the completion of your sentence.