Saturday, June 27, 2020


The comments on Yahoo News were too funny. "There will be some hard evidence in this case." The evidence will be piled 9" high." "His female lawyer promises to get him off." If you haven't heard, the Me Too Movement is about to take down another masher. This one is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, known to the world as Ron Jeremy, a guy voted #1 porn star of all time by Adult Video News, which as the title implies, just might be an authority on these hard news (couldn't resist) matters.

People dismiss porn stars as clueless/dizzy dumbbells. Ron is not that. His parents had white collar jobs and he himself has a college degree and taught school for a while. When a girlfriend submitted his nude photo to Playgirl, Ron found himself an opportunity: That of having sex on film for money. He jumped at the chance and never looked back. As an aspiring Broadway actor, he was going nowhere. As a porn star, he rocketed to the top of his game.

It should be noted that in Ron's heyday, being a male porn star was not the cake walk some might imagine. With no Viagra to aid in raising male actors' flagpoles, finding men who could raise and maintain an erection on command while the lights were burning and multiple people were milling about on the set wasn't that easy. In fact, it wasn't easy at all. And to have somebody like Ronnie who made showtime like the pro he was, was a producer's dream. No, he wasn't a hunky guy. But he had a big unit over which he exercised total control. And thus, he became the #1 call on the porn set. To the tune of over 2000 x-rated credits.

Apparently, all that adulation went to his head (so to speak). He, like a certain national leader, felt that his notoriety entitled him to "grab 'em by the pussy." Except he took it a step further. He is alleged to have inserted his fingers in those pussies by multiple women who sought only to take a photo with him at industry events. So egregious was his reputation in this realm, he's been banned from most of these functions owing to his predilection to sexually assault women who simply want a photo. 

And just like Harvey Weinstein, who worked it and worked it and worked it, his karma finally caught up with him. Make no mistake about it. Whether Ronnie knows it or not (and he may not owing to his outsized ego), he's in deep doo doo. Right now, he should be making plans as to how he's going to convince female CO's to dingle his dangle. Because those are the only females he'll be around soon enough. 

With respect to his reception in prison...Ronnie will get the star treatment from inmates. He doesn't need to worry about that. His reputation will precede him (just as something else did) when he arrives.

While I wasn't a friend of Ronnie's during my career as writer/editor for Screw Magazine, and owner of an adult advertising agency and escort website, I did meet him at a dinner with one of my advertisers, Dennis Hof of Bunny Ranch fame. I can't say I witnessed any of the overt activity cited by his victims. But still, there lurked something in his aura that told me this guy takes what he wants from women. Otherwise, he was fine. And I was concentrating on Dennis's ads. Dennis was a hard case as an advertiser and required premium treatment for poco dollars. He was the kind of guy who wanted steak for the price of a hamburger.

Several years ago, I was attending a party (a memoriam for Al Goldstein) at the Museum of Sex. Down in the basement, I ran into an old friend and former Screw editor who was chatting amiably with a tall, busty, and quite beautiful alt woman. We were in mid-conversation when a mild commotion broke out in the corner where girls were getting their t-shirts and/or breasts signed by Ron Jeremy. 

After the commotion calmed down, I turned to Eric's friend and asked "don't you want to get your tits signed by Ron Jeremy?" in a mock fashion, indicating it would take a certain type of airhead groupie to seek that autograph. She cast him a derisive look and answered "I sucked his dick. I don't need his autograph." Whether she did it for pay or pleasure I did not ask. But I got the idea it was for pay.

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