Monday, August 24, 2020


Jeffrey Epstein might be dead. But his legacy and legend live on. Which is not good news for Bill Clinton. We're all well aware that our ex-prez was a significant womanizer. I don't think there's a lot of debate on that issue. But while Clinton's sex life is behind him (according to a statement Jeffrey Epstein made to me while I suicide-watched him at MCC federal prison), that moribund existence lives on as part of Epstein's legacy.

Bill's name has been on the manifest of flights to and from Jeffrey's "Pedophile Island." And it's not a huge leap given his reputation and history with women, that he partook on that island. Nobody really knows for sure (except maybe Jeffrey - and he isn't talking), but I have a general idea. Yes, I thought Clinton's behavior during his presidential reign was inexcusable. But no, I'd bet my life savings he didn't participate in anything sexual with underage girls. And there's a good reason why.

I spent many hours talking one on one - prisoner to prisoner - with my fellow inmate Jeffrey Epstein. He only lied to me once. I knew that because he's a bad liar. After returning to suicide for trying to kill himself - or being attacked by his murderous celly - I asked Jeffrey point blank "what the f--k happened?" His answer..."I don't know. I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water, and that's the last thing I remember," was obviously a paid political announcement. It was the only occasion during which I thought Jeffrey was lying to me.

And that brings me to a conversation we had one night about Bill Clinton in which I asked a few questions: Leading off, I began "Is Bill the huge horn dog people say he is?" "Bill's had some heart operations. That part of his life is over," was the answer that didn't really respond to the question. Jeffrey wasn't lying. He was just avoiding telling the truth with his evasive answer.

I continued "when was the last time he had sex with Hillary?" Admittedly, a tasteless inquiry. Jeffrey didn't even dignify that question with an answer. I couldn't blame him. It was the one time I descended to my fellow inmates' level while in his company. Finally (and last), I asked "did Bill like his women young?" To that, Jeffrey responded emphatically and without hesitation "no. Bill liked his women mature." And I quote him exactly because that was exactly what he said. 

So why would I believe a caged criminal when I asked such a tender question of him? As I said before, I only got the impression Jeffrey lied to me once. And everything about the way he lied gave that lie away (body language, vocal timbre etc.). He was easy to read that way. Second, the manner in which he evaded my first two questions about Clinton and then waxed forthright on the last convinced me that the way he responded - and the context (after being evasive in the previous two questions about the ex-prez) - told me that Bill made it clear to Jeffrey that he did not share an interest in diddling children.

So people can talk all the smack they want about Bill Clinton. Tell me he was a dirty womanizer and I won't disagree. Suggest that he and his wife have been involved in some shady business dealings and practices and I'll respond that it's not beyond the realm of possibility. But allege that he and Epstein went to that island so Clinton could join in? Stop right there. I know in my heart that it's not true. Call it prisoner's intuition. 

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